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Live mural “Dancing with Calaveras” & Thank You!

Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by at the de Young Museum​ for the live mural “Dancing with Calaveras“!! Here is a video about the event by the super talented Feather Weight

Thank so much to the wonderful teams at the Mexican Consulate General in San Francisco​ and the de Young Museum for organizing such a wonderful evening, as well as Chelis Lopez​ of KPOO for hosting the event, which was part of this year’s MEX I AM ​Festival

A big thank you as well to my wonderful assistants María Motta and Feather Weight for all your support!


Live mural @ the de Young Museum!

Join me this July 22nd at the de Young Museum where I’ll be creating a new live mural as part of the Festival MEX I AM organized by the Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco, I’ll be very happy to see you there!

You can find more details about the event here



Event info:

“Dancing with Calaveras”
Live mural by Ana Aranda

Music by DJ José Ruiz
July 22, 2016, 6:00 pm
de Young Museum – Wilsey Court
More events at the de Young, SF Jazz, Stern Grove, Roxie Theater, Headlands Center for the Arts, the Mexican Museum, Consulate General of Mexico here

Thanks for stopping by!



Célula indivisible

I had the immense pleasure to collaborate again in a mural with the talented and fantastic Paulina Suarez !

We were inspired by the song “Calaveras y Diablitos” from the argentinian band los Fabulosos Cadillacs
If you live in San Francisco, please come and check it out in the Mission District in the Lucky Alley !


Friday Nights at the De Young

This Friday the 19th of July I’ve been invited to participate in a live mural as a part of the event “Sights and Sounds of Mexico”
I’ll be painting the mural from 6:00-8:30 pm in the Piazzoni Mural Room in the De Young Museum.

Come see this colorful event and enjoy the music from Ilan Bar-Lavi and Sonex playing Son Jarocho!
To see all the information about this event click here

Thanks for stopping by!

El Mercado de Celso y los chiles que escaparon

Dentro de la exposición Pop-Up Spicy Mexican Design que se encuentra en este momento en el Consulado General de México en San Francisco, la ilustradora Paulina Suarez y yo tuvimos el grandísimo placer de trabajar durante 2 semanas y fragmentos de una tercera en la creación de un mural para dicha exposición.

For the exhibition Pop-Up Spicy Mexican Design which is going on right now in the Mexican Consulate of San Francisco, the illustrator Paulina Suarez and I had the great pleasure to work during 2 weeks plus a third on and off third  for the creation of a mural for this exhibition.

Muchísimas gracias a Christopher y Marimar, quienes nos estuvieron apoyando durante todo el proceso del mural.

Big thanks to Christopher and Marimar, who supported us throughout all the process.


El mural “El Mercado de Celso” busca reflejar el mercado mexicano: churrigueresco, folklórico, colorido, picante, caótico y con muchas historias que contar.
Los personajes del mercado buscar escapar de su vendedor, Celso. Algunos de ellos lograron escaparse de verdad.

The mural “El Mercado de Celso” (Celso’s Market) reflects the Mexican market: “churrigueresque”, folkloric, colorful, spicy, chaotic and with a lot of stories within. The characters are looking to escape their destiny from the market owner Celso. Some of them actually did.


La exposición Pop-Up Spicy Mexican Design estará abierta al público hasta el 3 de Marzo en el Consulado General de México en San Francisco.
¡Gracias por su visita!

The exhibition Pop-Up Spicy Mexican Design will be open until the 3rd of March in the General Consulate of Mexico in San Francisco.
Thanks for stopping by!


Visit Clarion Alley!




El último 20 de octubre Paulina Suarez y yo fuimos invitadas a pintar un mural en el Clarion Alley en la Misión.
Este mural se realizó dentro del evento “the Clarion Alley Block Party 2012” en donde celebraron sus 20 años de murales.

The last October 20th Paulina Suarez and I were invited to paint a mural in the Clarion Alley in Mission.
This mural was made in the Clarion Alley Block Party 2012 to celebrate their 20 years of murals.